Three Pillars to Being a Better Man


My journey out of quiet desperation to living a life of divine inspiration has been a path of radical inner transformation. It’s always a work in progress. We never fully arrive or have it all figured out. I have been on the road less traveled of taking a deep hard look at myself over the past several years.

It’s a courageous path and one I want to encourage you to take. Without going on this introspective path we will stay stuck in our addictions and wounds. We will get caught up in the status…

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Another Senseless Tragedy...Why?


Why? That is the question that keeps popping up in my mind and I am sure everyone else’s too.

This past Monday another mass shooting occurred right in my own backyard in Boulder. Every mass shooting is a horrific tragedy, but when it hits this close to home it somehow gets magnified one hundred fold. I have been in that King Soopers grocery store many times over the past several months since I have moved to Boulder. I know the layout well.

The image keeps popping up in my mind of having a dera…

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No Pain...No Gain...No More


I have always prided myself by living by the no pain, no gain mantra. It has been a mantra of mine for many years as an athlete growing up, when I was a bodybuilder and now someone who is extremely passionate about cycling.

Motivated by Pain and Suffering

For most of my life I have been motivated by pain. I needed pain and suffering to motivate myself. I have had the mentality that if I don’t go all out in the gym and feel beat up, I am wasting my time. No pain, no gain right? Recovery day? I …

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5 Strategies to Practice Radical Simplicity


Have you ever felt like you have been on the hamster wheel of life and no matter what you do you can’t get off? You keep running getting nowhere while feeling completely exhausted. I can relate. I have felt that way many times in my life.

Radical Simplicity

I am learning to practice radical simplicity.

Simple minimalism.

Simple fitness.

Simple nutrition.

Simple spirituality.

Simple mind.

When we focus on what is truly important and adopt a less is more approach it creates space in our li…

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Tender Strength


When you put the two words tender strength together, it doesn’t usually make sense. Can we really be tender and be strong?

I think most people would unequivocally answer no to that question. When we think of tender, we usually think of being soft, over-emotional and physically weak.

I am here to say that thinking is 100% wrong. A man showing our tender side doesn’t make us weak, it makes us human. It makes us strong and it makes us authentic.

Every Man Has a Tender Side

I believe every man h…

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Silence is Betrayal


I am sharing this blog post on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. What an amazing man and legacy he has left for us to follow. He has inspired me because I have a dream too.

My dream is that men get out of quiet desperation and start to live a life of divine inspiration.

My dream is that being a Christian man in today’s world is no longer about suffering in shame and guilt, but living a life that makes us feel fully alive because we see ourselves the way God sees us. 

We are his beloved sons.

My d…

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My One Word for 2021...JOY


Instead of setting New Year’s Resolutions and a list of goals, I have found it more helpful to choose one word that I want to live my life by. Last year my one word was courage. This year I want to live my life by joy.

As I reflect back on my life, I must admit it hasn’t been filled with joy. Fleeting happiness, yes. Joy, definitely not. My joy and happiness has always been dependent on external circumstances and other people.

As a recovering codependent and perfectionist I have lived my life …

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5 Ways to Transform Your Body & Your Life


Have you ever stopped to think about what an amazing gift our body is? It truly is a miracle if you really stop and think about it. God gave us this incredible body that can do mind boggling things. But we often take this gift for granted.

Think of your eye sight alone. The eye consists of the retina, pupil, iris, cornea, lens and optic nerve. It has 137 million light sensitive special cells that sends messages to the amazingly complicated brain. About 130 million of these cells appear like tin…

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Living Life Unleashed


Indulge me while I tell a dog story that could potentially transform your life. As I was out for my morning walk in beautiful Boulder, Colorado with my dog Oakley, I saw two different sides of her. The leashed side and the unleashed side.

Her leashed side is docile and tame with an energy that feels like she is being held captive and contained by her leash.

Freedom, Passion and Mischievousness

When she is unleashed I see her come completely alive. She has this look of freedom, passion and som…

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Getting Our I AM Right


What we say after these two words, “I AM”, defines how we live our lives.

Richard Rohr in his book Immortal Diamond: The Search for Our True Self talks about getting our I AM right. When we get our I AM right, everything else in our lives falls into place.

Try this experiment. Say to yourself, “I am tired”. Now say to yourself, “I am energized”. My guess is that your body instantly felt different depending if you told yourself you are tired or energized.

Now try this. Say to yourself “I am a …

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