What's Your Stop, Start, Stop, Start?


Why do we stop doing something we know is good for us? Maybe your stop, start, stop, start is eating healthy. Maybe your stop, start, stop, start is exercise. Maybe it’s spending time reading the Bible.

My stop, start, stop, start is meditation. Whenever I meditate consistently my life changes significantly for the better. I have more peace and joy in my life. I am mentally stronger. I have more clarity and I feel so close to God. So why do I quit when it make me feel so good and I feel like I am in my power?

Well, I am guessing it’s probably the same reason you do the stop, start, stop, start dance. We miss a day or two because we get busy or life goes a little wheels off and the next thing you know we are out of the habit and we fall back into the same patterns of unhealthy eating, not exercising, not spending time in the Word and for me not meditating.

Then my life gets unmanageable and I think, I have to start meditating again, so I do, and guess what happens, I start to feel my power again.

What I am learning on my journey is that without meditation my mind, body and spirit are out of sync. My mind races a million miles a minute.

Focus on One Change at a Time

What I am also learning is to make this my number one habit that I track daily. This is my one thing that I am focusing on. When we try to change too many things at once we usually fail.

I am using a fitness app called Trainerize that has a pretty cool habit tracking feature that I use with my clients, so why not use it for myself. I need accountability too.

I am determined not to stop this time. My goal is to meditate at least 30 minutes daily. I started this goal on September 5th. My completion rate was 88% for the month of September with my longest streak being 13 days in a row.

Focus on Progress Not Perfection

I wasn’t perfect, but I am really pleased with my consistency.

I get so much out of meditation. I pray I don’t stop this time because I am a better man when I meditate.

Just for an example this is the download I got from God during my meditation the other day; Letting go of the need for people to be a certain way in order for me to be happy. Be happy because I am a son of God. Seize my spiritual inheritance. God will guide me along the right path for His name sake.

Never Give Up

So whatever you are struggling with. Whatever your stop, start, stop and start again is, never give up. Start again and through the grace of God do your best to not stop. Do it for yourself because you are worth taking a chance on yourself.

We all have stops and starts in our lives. Don’t beat yourself up for it. Get back in the arena and try again. You will be a better person for it.



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