Living Life Unleashed


Indulge me while I tell a dog story that could potentially transform your life. As I was out for my morning walk in beautiful Boulder, Colorado with my dog Oakley, I saw two different sides of her. The leashed side and the unleashed side.

Her leashed side is docile and tame with an energy that feels like she is being held captive and contained by her leash.

Freedom, Passion and Mischievousness

When she is unleashed I see her come completely alive. She has this look of freedom, passion and som…

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Getting Our I AM Right


What we say after these two words, “I AM”, defines how we live our lives.

Richard Rohr in his book Immortal Diamond: The Search for Our True Self talks about getting our I AM right. When we get our I AM right, everything else in our lives falls into place.

Try this experiment. Say to yourself, “I am tired”. Now say to yourself, “I am energized”. My guess is that your body instantly felt different depending if you told yourself you are tired or energized.

Now try this. Say to yourself “I am a …

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Finding Peace Being Me


The position I played in football back in the day was strong safety. It was a defensive position. My job was to defend my opponent from getting in the end zone. It was all about defense. The better wall we collectively put up as a team, the least likely our opponent was able to penetrate that wall and score.

Being defensive served its purpose. When we played solid defense, we usually won. As they say, the best defense is often times the best offense.

Being great at defense served me well when …

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Finding Hope During a Pandemic


We are all feeling some strain at this point of an ongoing pandemic that doesn’t seem to have any end in sight. I know I certainly am having COVID-19 and mask fatigue. I miss seeing people’s faces. I miss seeing people’s smiles. I understand the importance of wearing masks and I am doing my part, but I can’t wait to see people’s smiles again.

It’s easy to lose hope during this time. My heart goes out to anyone who has lost a loved one during this challenging time or have encountered economic de…

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Overcoming the Master Addiction


I have been doing a lot of reflecting back on my life lately. Not to live in the past, but to learn from it, so I can heal and grow.

I have lived the majority of my life with a sense of heaviness. I have felt the weight of the world on my shoulders.

There have been periods of happiness, but it’s almost always based on external circumstances.

As I am trying to understand the main source of my pain, God put this so strongly on my heart.

Overwhelming Need for Control

The number one source of m…

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