Do the Opposite


As I am sitting down to write this our nation is in the middle of a heated political election that as of this time is undecided.

The county I live in, Boulder County, will move to safer at home level 3 restrictions due to the rise in COVID-19 cases.

The fires are still burning in many parts of the state of Colorado where I live.

There is a lot of tension, anxiety and fear in our world right now. 

My question is how are we going to respond?

What if we did the opposite of the way the world re…

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Twelve Ways to Live With Courageous Conviction


What does it mean to live with courageous conviction? It’s not easy to define, but I definitely know someone who is living that way when I see it.

I think in this world we idolize athletes too much. Many athletes are gifted with great talent, but very poor character. We see it all the time in the news where a star athlete does great things on the field and horrific things off of it.

But there are athletes and non-athletes alike who I admire and respect because they live their life with convict…

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Learning to Surrender

“The greatness of a man’s power is the measure of his surrender.” –William Booth

Learning to surrender control to God has been one of the hardest things to do on my journey since I have become a Jesus follower about ten years ago.

I have felt the need to control, manipulate, and do things under my own strength so life circumstances turn out the way I think they should. This is true in every area of my life including relationships, finances and career.

What it Means to Surrender

Surrender is …

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Three Reasons to Pursue Your Hobby


To borrow the words from the Queen song “Bicycle Race

Bicycle bicycle bicycle

I want to ride my bicycle bicycle bicycle

I want to ride my bicycle

I want to ride my bike

I want to ride my bicycle

I want to ride it where I like

I started getting into road cycling after I blew out my knee playing football in college. I went from wearing shoulder pads to wearing spandex. Maybe not the most masculine shift, but I didn’t want to be that ex-jock that let myself go after my playing days were…

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What do you crave? I crave dark chocolate, peanut butter and blueberry pancakes smothered with peanut butter and maple syrup. I crave a romantic kiss under the moonlight, deep conversation that is profound and meaningful and holding hands with the one I love.

But as I go on this journey of life and become more aware of what is truly important, I crave more than ever to live a life of purpose.

I haven’t always been that way. For many years it was all about me. I still struggle with selfishness …

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What's Your Stop, Start, Stop, Start?


Why do we stop doing something we know is good for us? Maybe your stop, start, stop, start is eating healthy. Maybe your stop, start, stop, start is exercise. Maybe it’s spending time reading the Bible.

My stop, start, stop, start is meditation. Whenever I meditate consistently my life changes significantly for the better. I have more peace and joy in my life. I am mentally stronger. I have more clarity and I feel so close to God. So why do I quit when it make me feel so good and I feel like I …

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Dream the Impossible

It has been a little over three years since I left the pharmaceutical industry and moved from Florida to Colorado to pursue my dream of being an entrepreneur. I started my company called Divine Wellness Ministries on May 14th, 2018.

It has been quite a faith adventure since leaving the comfort and security of the pharmaceutical industry to being an entrepreneur leading a men’s fitness ministry.

In the grand scheme of things, I would say my adventure so far has been very successful. I have bu…

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Get in the Game of Life


The COVID-19 virus has turned our world upside down. It has rocked everything from our health care system, our economy, our school system to the landscape of our sports. As of this writing there have been over 700,000 confirmed deaths around the world due to the COVID-19 virus. It has been a pandemic of epic proportions that I hope we don’t ever see in our life time again.

Recently several major college conferences have cancelled their fall season of football. The Big Ten, Pac-12, Mid-American …

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Muscular Christianity (Redefined)


I came across the term muscular Christianity the other day when I was reading a book called Every Body Matters by Gary Thomas. Those two words put together resonated deeply with my soul.

Muscular Christianity can be defined as a Christian commitment to health, fitness and manliness. It stresses the need for energetic Christian activism in combination with an ideal of vigorous masculinity.

The question is what is an ideal level of vigorous masculinity and what does manliness mean? Historically …

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No Limits

“Doing things that you don’t think you can do or you don’t want to do change the way you see yourself and others. It is a spiritual journey. And what a journey it is.” -Daniel Weiner

That’s a quote from one of my clients, Daniel Weiner, who set a big hairy audacious goal of completing his first marathon. He crushed his goal the other day with a sub-four hour marathon. It was what he called a silent marathon. It wasn’t part of an event. There was no pomp and circumstance, it was just him, a budd…

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