Household Life Is Confining

September 16 2021

In this episode of the Barbells & Brothers podcast I share my three intentions as I start my digital nomad journey.

1.  Return To My True Soul

2.  Find Joy In the Present Moment

3.  Live With Passion

This podcast will inspire you to be more intentional with your life no matter where you are currently at.  True joy comes from the inside.  


All Hearts Beat As One

Hosted by Troy Ismir

September 2 2021

In this podcast I share a vision and dream I have for our world to have peace by cultivating inner peace in our own personal lives.  

I envision a movement of men coming together called Spiritual Warriors Unite where all hearts beat as one.  A spiritual warrior is someone who is willing to take a deep introspective journey for a cause greater than themselves.  

Spiritual Warriors Unite is a group of men who show up with brotherly love who are non-conformists.  We are rebels for good.  We stand united in righteous anger for what isn't working in the world and we do something about it with kindness, compassion and love.  

I want to invite you to be part of something bigger than yourself.  I see a possibility where we can make a difference in the world when a group of men come together united as spiritual warriors where all hearts beat as one.

You can join the Spiritual Warriors Unite Facebook group here

You can join Barbells & Brothers here

Unleash the Champ Within

With Guest Kyle Sullivan

August 26 2021

My guest for this week's episode of the Barbells & Brothers podcast is Kyle Sullivan.  Kyle shows up with courageous vulnerability in our interview sharing his life experiences as a division 1 athlete, drug dealer, pastor, father and the founder of a coaching company.  

Kyle has over ten years of organizational leadership and team development experience.  He was a pastor for eleven years and now runs a coaching company that serves successful men and women in business leadership roles to Unleash the Champ within all areas of life and not sacrificing their life on the altar of professional success.  


Get Vaccinated & Create a New Possibility

August 19 2021

Getting vaccinated has been a polarizing topic as of late.  In my latest episode of the Barbells & Brothers podcast I share my thoughts on why I am choosing to get vaccinated after a great deal of self-reflection.  

My vision is to see our world become united instead of polarized over this topic.  With crisis comes opportunity.  I see this as an opportunity to make a shift in our world's health.  

I believe getting the vaccine is right thing to do to heal our world and create a new possibility for taking personal responsibility for our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.