Freedom From the Fear of Conflict

With Guest Jerry Fu

November 18 2021

My guest on this episode of the Barbells & Brothers podcast is Jerry Fu. Jerry is a conflict resolution coach.  He focuses on resolving clients' conflict at work, in culture, and within themselves.

Jerry was born in the United States, growing up in a Taiwanese family.  He encountered conflicts at work, in culture, and within myself.

Jerry didn’t know how to handle any of it and didn’t know where to look for help.

He also lost a job because he continually avoided conflict with an upset boss. But getting fired was the wake-up call he needed. He had to adapt and improve as a leader, which meant engaging the conflict he disliked so much. His ongoing struggle with conflict became a fascination. Now, he helps others take on the same challenges.

Lost Sight...Gained Vision

With Guest Joe Rinaldi

November 11 2021

My guest on this episode of the Barbells & Brothers podcast is Joe Rinaldi. Joe is a writer, motivational speaker and personal coach and host of the podcast called The Pursuit.

The biggest joy in Joe's life is being able to help, encourage and guide other people in their pursuit of greater goals, bigger things and better versions of themselves.

And one more thing, Joe is grateful to be going blind. Joe was born with a genetic eye condition (Best Disease) that has been causing him to lose his eyesight since he was a child. 

Practicing the Art of


November 4, 2021

In my latest episode of the Barbells & Brothers podcast I share what I have learned from my 30 days in the desert through the art of practicing not-doing.

In a culture that says we have to do more, my message is that we need to do less and be more. We need to do less forcing and more listening. 

I also talk about the importance of tapping into our own circadian rhythm for sleep and a natural rhythm for eating and any other healthy habits we are working on creating in our life. 

If you are struggling with busyness, you won't want to miss this episode. My hope is that this podcast will inspire you to start practicing the art of not-doing. 

The Spiritual Practice of Self-Compassion

October 28 2021

In my latest episode of the Barbells & Brothers podcast I share the three practices I have been doing to cultivate self-compassion in my life. 

1. Accepting My Humanity and Believing in My Divinity

2. The Mirror Practice

3. Centering Prayer

If you find yourself struggling with self-compassion, which I think we all do to some extent, these are three helpful spiritual practices to incorporate into our everyday lives that will help us to see our goodness.