Spiritual Warriors Unite

We are a tribe of six men who are independent thinkers, accepting our own inner wisdom.

We LIFT & STRENGTHEN each other’s SPIRIT. 

We provide a safe and sacred environment where men are free to be courageously vulnerable without judgment.

We are seeking spiritual growth, courageously exploring our own path. 

We are committed to a path of healing and radical inner transformation. 

We are men fully committed to doing deep inner work. 

We are on a path of healing becoming healers ourselves. 

We climb towards our highest possibility, willing to take the road less traveled, together. 


When: We meet the last Friday of the month from 6:30am-8am MT via Zoom

Format: Each meeting is 90 minutes long with the following structure

30 Minutes: Each man will have a chance to share what is going on in his life.

30 Minutes: Focus on one specific topic and question to explore with interactive dialogue.

30 Minutes: Each man will commit to one actionable item they want to change, become or improve.

Follow-up Between Monthly Tribe Meetings

Peer to Peer Meeting:

An hour long one-on-one peer-to-peer meeting for encouragement, support and accountability.

Mentor Meeting:

A one hour one-on-one mentor meeting with Troy for encouragement, support and accountability.


This is a one year commitment starting January, 28th 2022 running through December 30, 2022


Suggested Donation $10-$200/month

All payments are made via Venmo on a monthly basis with donation expected right after our monthly meeting. My Venmo username is @barbellsandbrothers    

Contact Me For More Information and Questions